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A special needs child is a child who has been determined to require special attention and specific necessities that other children do not.
It can also be a legal designation particularly in the adoption and foster care community wherein the child and guardian receive support to help them both live productive lives.
These needs includes a wide variety of conditions including physical aliments, learning disabilities and terminal illness
EXGIS special need center offers a wide range of educational and emotional support programs such as:
Occupational therapy: Here they learn skills that can make them financial independent in the future.
Educational therapy: Here they have one – on – one teacher aids in the classroom.
We engage specialists in-charge of children with special needs. We also provide a comprehensive evaluation of their needs, plan Individual Education Program (IEP) for student cooperatively with parents. We enhance both moral and pragmatic reasons for developing appropriate means of responding to the needs of such pupils.
EXGIS provides enabling environment that allows kids to meet age – appropriate educational goals with focus on:

1.Individualized learning.
2.One – on – one support
3.Well equipped classes with air condition.
4.Resources rooms and learning aids.
The learners are exposed to photography, video editing, bead making, art work and craft, music etc. Our goal is to groom our children on how to live their daily lives by making the school another home for them.
EGIS is all inclusion for children.

We handles cases like

  • Down syndrome

    we speak directly to these kids using clear receptive language and short sentences and place a strong emphasis on visual learning, demonstration and pictures. This helps in providing effective instructions in other area of the curriculum.

  • Dyslexia

    We help them learn how to read in a straight line which can help keep them achieve focus. We also employ the use ICT and Apps that can make learning fun

  • Cerebral palsy

    We focus on introducing them to arts and crafts, engaging them in creative activities like painting, drawing etc. because these skills are excellent for developing fine motor skills; Music, adaptive sports, photography, swimming classes with speech lessons

  • Autism

    Here focus on inclusive activities; encouraging social interactions with others, visual learning, we also keep language practice concrete, and teach social skills directly and treat pupils as individual.

  • Hydrocephalus

    We employ the use of multi-sensory reading activities to teach them. Come to excellent grade where development of your academics, skills, morals is possible.

Special Needs Operations

This entails one on one speech therapy session with each child base on their speech delay / disorder.

This involves mentoring, tracking and moderating every exhibited behavior, using right Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) approach.

We use stimulator as well as (ABA) Approaches to control their hyperactivities. Also, we streamline and break their task or activities into smaller chunks for easy assimilation.

Breaking down task into a simpler and understandable level and constant engagement of activities is employed here for effective lerning.

Engaging them in learning activities, exposing them to sporting activities as well as (ABA) analysis approaches is deployed for effective learning.

We streamline the subjects with the one to one support session with them for better understanding

We focus on exposing them to five and gross motor skills exercise, physical exercise and physiotherapy as well as body massage