Excellent Grade



Early Years Education in Excellent Grade International Schools

Early childhood care education is a centre set outside the home to provide care and support and to develop children from birth to the age of five Years. EXGIS Early Years help to meet the basic needs of the child for good health care, security, Affective, Cognitive and Physical development.

At Excellent Grade International Schools, there are different stages or levels a child must pass through before he or she is enrolled into the Primary School.

Stage 1 - Crèche

The first stage a child would go through is the Crèche, this is for children below the age of 1 Year, they are taken care of by an EXGIS trained caregiver. We also have another category of crèche which we call Crèche 2. This is also known as Play Group and it is for children between the ages of 1-2 Years; At this stage the children are taught how to speak, identify, scribble and colour different objects.

Stage 2 - Pre Nursery class

Another stage they go through is the Pre Nursery class. The children in this class are below three (3) years. At this stage they are taught how to read, sound letters, identify and also write.

Stage 3 - Nursery

The Nursery is another stage for a child to pass through in early years education.
The Nursery section is usually for children between three to four years. At this stage the children can apply the three educational domain, which is the cognitive, effective and psycho motor domain.

Stage 4 - Reception

The final stage is pre-primary class which is the Reception class. This is for children that are up to five years. At this final stage they are prepared for primary school tasks.
The curriculum used for early years in Excellent Grade is designed to meet the need of every child. It is purely Nigerian with the infusion of British curriculum. We also make use of Montessori Method of teaching and learning where every child do things independently.